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    Become the most competitive professional commercial real estate asset management agency
    LA NOVA, ChangshaDeveloper/Owner: Ivanhoe Cambridge, CanadaGO:April, 2011 Location: No. 188, Huangxing Middle Road, ChangshaGFA: 80,000 sqm Parking spaces: :400 Anchor / Key Tenants:ZARA,H&M,GAP,C&A,SEPHORA,PULL&BEAR,Bershka,Victoria’s Secret,Starbucks,Bolly BONA cinema
    IF Mall, SuzhouDeveloper/Owner : China Travel Service(HK)Group CorporationGO: November, 2016Location: Suzhou GFA:  60,000 sqmParking spaces: 500Anchor / Key Tenants: Hema Fresh, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Watsons, 7890 Arts and Creative Zone
    Harbour City, NingboDeveloper/Owner :Jingrui GROUP GO: May,2017 Location: Ningbo GFA:  150,000 sqmParking spaces: 1,000 Anchor / Key Tenants: Wu Mart Supermarket, China Film Cinema, Corsa Kart, Lao Ningbo 1381,Nianlun Bookstore,Watsons,Starbucks, McDonalds, Watsons, Nike, Adidas, Asobio, Gym, KTV
    Parcmall,SuzhouType: shopping mallGFA: 160,000 sqmLocation: Suzhou
    W.Avenue, SuzhouDeveloper/Owner: BUILTOP GROUPGO: November, 2017 Location: Wujiang GFA: 125,000 sqmParking spaces: 3,800 Anchor / Key Tenants: Tago Water Amusement Park, AST snow world, Starbucks, Asobio, Who.a.u
    ENJOYCITY,SuzhouType: BlockGFA: 120,000 sqmLocation: Suzhou
    The Summit by Tishman Speyer, SuzhouDeveloper/Owner : Tishmen Speyer, USAGO: August, 2016Location: SuzhouGFA:  180,000 sqmParking spaces: 559Anchor / Key Tenants: Zhongshuge,WILL'S, McDonald's, COSTA
    Aolian Expo city, JiangxiType: specialized marketGFA: 200,000 sqmLocation: Jiangxi
    Kaitai Motor City, HengzhouType: specialized marketGFA: 500,000 sqmLocation: Hengzhou
    Movie Amusement MallDeveloper/Owner: Suzhou Broadcasting System GO: September, 2014Location:  SuzhouGFA:  280,000 sqmParking spaces:  3,000Anchor / Key Tenants: Jinyi Cinema, Exhibition Centers, Suzhou Child Education Centers, Outlet Mall, Outdoor Theme Park, Starbucks
    Shuitou city square, WenzhouType: Shopping mallGFA: 75,000 sqmLocation: Wenzhou
    Rong Qiao City, WuhanDeveloper/Owner: RongQiao GroupGO: 2019 Location: Wuhan GFA:  200,000 sqmParking spaces: 2,000
    Zhongrun business square, WenzhouType: BlockGFA: 90,000 sqmLocation: Wenzhou
    BBT Plaza, Wuhan Developer/Owner: BBT GroupGO: 2019 Location: Wuhan GFA:  100,000 sqmParking spaces: 1,580
    GENWAY Mall, Suzhou Developer/Owner: GENWAY GroupGO: 2019 Location: Suzhou Industrial ParkGFA:  110,000 sqmParking spaces: 1,500
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